10 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas


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       A couple’s wedding invitation is one of the mementoes that they will both keep and treasure forever. This is the reason why the design of your invitation should be unique and personalized that even your visitors would want to keep it as a remembrance of your nuptials.

Here are 10 creative and unique wedding invitation designs for your special day.

1. Fan Invitation
This unique wedding invitation is getting to be a favorite among outdoor weddings. Basically,it is  a foldable fan with the details of the wedding printed on it. It is a unique and can be used by the guests during the event. For sure, guests would love to keep this as they can use it anytime they want.

2. Balloon Gimmick
Another unique wedding invitation gimmick is a balloon invitation. It is basically a deflated balloon that they need to blow up to see the details of your wedding printed on it. One problem with this invitation is that if it pops, then the important details go with it. Still, people get blown away with this cute and unique invitation.

3. One Slipper Invitation
This is one unique wedding invitation idea. I once received a box with one slipper in it as a wedding invitation. It says “I found my other pair, may you find yours too.”  It was a touching and clever symbol of their union. Indeed our partner in life is the one that completes our being.

4. Map Invitation
Another extraordinary wedding invitation is in the form of a map invitation. It looked like a typical road map but once you look closer, it points to some of the couple’s favorite and memorable places. Of course the focal point of the map is the venue of the wedding.

5. Handkerchief Invitation
Many people cry at weddings. This may be the inspiration for the handkerchief wedding invitation idea. All the details of the wedding are printed out on a handkerchief which is folded and tied with a bow.

6. CD Invitation
One modern wedding invitation is by using a CD case design. Some people even put in a real CD with a collection of the couple’s favorite music. Some make a music video or slide show presentation with the details of the nuptials.  It is a unique invitation that is also a great remembrance for the guests to keep.

7. Destination Tickets
This invitation looks just like airline tickets from afar. But if you take a closer look, you will see that it contains the important details of the wedding. This is usually used for wedding where visitors come from far places to witness the ceremony.

8. Message in a Bottle
A cute and unique wedding invitation for beach weddings is a message in a bottle. The printed details of the wedding is rolled up and put in a bottle with some sand and shells. It also makes a nice decoration when the event is over.

9. Calendar Invitation
This unique wedding invitation looks like your typical card calendar. But it only has a copy of the month of the wedding with a highlight on the date when the event will happen. It can also contain a photo of the couple and other details printed at the back of the calendar.

10. Viewmaster Invitation
Young people today may not be familiar with the view master anymore. But one couple actually had a clever idea of sending out veiw masters to their friends. When you look through the eye holes, you can see the details to the wedding. Clever, huh?

11. Story Book Theme
Some fairy tale themed weddings choose to give out story book styled wedding invitations. Just like a real fairy tale book, this unique wedding invitation contains photos of the couple and of course, their love story. At the end of the story is an invitation to their happy-ever-after wedding.

These days, everyone wants to get away from the traditional designs for their wedding invitations. They are all looking for fun and unique invitation designs to surprise their guests. To be able to find the best unique wedding invitation for your nuptials, be creative and add a little personal touch. For sure, your guests will love your unique wedding invitation.

Author : Jo is Freelance Writer for 8 years now. She writes about Health & Fitness, Beauty Tips, Technology, & Relationship.



Most Common Acne Myths Busted for Life!

Most Common Acne Myths Busted for Life!

Acne is every teenagers and adults problem. The painful bumps and spots occur mostly on face and also appear on the back, shoulders and buttocks. This is generally caused by raised testosterone levels which causes sebaceous glands of our skin to excrete excess oily substance, sebum. The raised levels of sebum tends to block hair follicles and also results in increase in bacteria in the skin. This causes pain and inflammation beneath blockages leading to acne.

Listed below are certain myths related to acne that will help you with your quest of how to get rid of pimples.



Contemporary Wedding Rings for Men

Contemporary Wedding Rings for Men

The ever-soaring prices are making it difficult for people to plan their weddings according to the budget that they have decided. This causes the brides and grooms to change decided plan and to make their wedding memorable.
When it comes to jewellery, brides get various options like jewellery sets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc but men have a handful of options like engagement rings, wedding rings or chains. Most women favor forever wedding rings over the usual wedding rings but these are very costly to buy.


Exactly What You Need to Know to Beat Acne!

Exactly What You Need to Know to Beat Acne!

Acne and pimple are often used alternately to describe the same condition but actually both are different. Acne which is also called as acne vulgaris is a skin condition that usually affects people during their puberty stage. Conversely, the pimples are just a type of Acne Vulgaris that are visible as red bumps on the face with a white core and occur due to the blockage of skin pores. Some of the forms of acne include blackheads and whiteheads. Acne can be identified as a form of red scaly skin that has sebum collection underneath it that can lead to pimples or nodules. In most cases, the androgen stimulation causes the transformation of pilosebaceous units due to which papules can develop. Pimples can also lead to papules that are caused due to the sebum collection under the skin.


Acne treatment tips for men!


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Acne treatment tips for men!

The acne is one such problem that is faced by every person at some point in life. People have misconception that acne only affects teenagers where as in reality, it can affect men of all ages. It is widely known that acne outbreak takes place at anytime and can cause embarrassment if it comes out before major occasions. Even though there are many ways to treat acne, special acne treatments are needed that should be done by consulting the dermatologist. The stress should also be kept at bay for reducing the outbreaks of acne on the face. The basic acne treatment can also be done at home by following the tips given here.


Handy Tips to Get Rid of Acne Scars!



Handy Tips to Get Rid of Acne Scars!

The swelling on the skin that is a result of the skin pores clogging are pimples and acne. The skin and hair is moisturized constantly by the natural oils produced underneath the skin. Generally pimples are caused due to the shedding of the dead skin cells that clog the pores of the skin. The combination of the dead skin cells and the natural oils worsens the blockage of the skin pores and leads to the creation of pimples and acne. The most common types of acne are blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.


Handbags: A woman’s most indispensable accessory!


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Handbags: A woman’s most indispensable accessory!

It’s a well known funny fact that women can’t survive without handbags. It might be totes handbags, purses, clutch or whichever a woman prefers but every woman finds it essential to carry a handbag wherever they go. Such handbags not only serve as a great accessory for women but also provide a functional purpose. Handbags can be of great use to carry around the daily supplies like keys, mobile phone, wallet, organizer, lipstick, etc. There are various types of handbags available in the market these days that can be used as a fashion accessory in order to accentuate a woman’s outfit and enhance her style. Some of the types of purses preferred by women are given below.



Jewellery Trends Inspired by Hollywood Celebs


Jewellery Trends Inspired by Hollywood Celebs

Celebrities are known to be the trend-setters for the upcoming fashion trends in the country. The celebrities showcase various beautiful outfits and elegant jewelry for award functions as well as many other events. The designers and critics analyze the celebrities look and try to estimate whether the outfits they are wearing will come in style. When it comes to jewellery’s, the designers offer celebrities the latest types of designs that are slated to become most popular items later. Let me shed light on some of the prominent such occasions!


Types of Vitamins and Their Advantages

Types of Vitamins and Their Advantages

“The vitamins and minerals are known to be very important for the proper functioning of our body. These nutrients are needed by our body as much as the carbohydrates and proteins are needed. The vitamins can be found in many food items that enhance the growth process and the nerve functions. If you find that your daily vitamins requirement is not getting fulfilled by the food you eat then you can have vitamin supplements. There are two major vitamin types namely, fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. Since the excess or deficiency of the vitamins can cause many kinds of diseases, it is essential to check the consumption of vitamins you have daily. Here, we highlight the vitamin information based on its types and the benefits it provides.”


Five Fashion Accessories For Men


Five Fashion Accessories For Men

Men are simple, simple things. It’s this simple-mindedness that makes them hard to buy a gift for. One often over looked gift to get for any man are accessories. Jewelry in particular. Say what? Yeah, I said the jewels, baby. I see more and more fan “upping” their fashion game by wearing some extra ‘swag’ and adding much needed panache to an otherwise dull wardrobe. What do I mean by that? There’s a variety of jewelry and accessories one could get for a man as a gift and he’d do the dishes for a month, take out the garbage, watch the kids, dine at the Y and all that other stuff you need “taken care of.”